vital form
ai personal trainer

Vital form evaluate poses and movement and compare them to your individual target execution through pose estimation its your personalize personal trainer


personal exercise trainer Select a trainer and workout from our vast library, start a Pilates class in the Vitalform studio, or try adaptive personal training to maximize impact, and get fit at home. Vitalform offers a personalized home gym in your laptop browser, providing accurate training feedback and scoring as if a trainer was right there at home with you.

Real time feedback

Accurately detect and analyze human motion and skeleton position during workout and gives you on screen feedback

Range of motion

It measure angles between joints during workout and based on that it calculate your range of motion

Adaptive workout

Analyze real time performance to adjust exercise difficulty and provide optimal workout its better than human eyesight


1. iOS - iOS version 13 and above
2. Android - Os version 10 and above
3. Web browsers – Chrome, Mozilla, Safari
4. Camera – Minimum 6 Megapixel