Camera based Exercise
Form Correction AI

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why vital form

  • Automatic tracking
    VitalForm counts reps, pace, total training duration, and provides form score with real-time corrective feedback.
  • Increases efficiency
    With the perfect execution, targeted muscle groups will feel the maximum tension, enhancing muscle growth.
  • Gets you closer to the result
    With the right technique, fewer reps are required, workouts are shorter and results are noticeable much faster.

Real-time feedback

  • VitalForm alerts the users via a popup as well as voice on an instantaneous corrective feedback to correctly perform the movement.
  • Counts Reps and gives instantaneous rep scores across bar charts to alert the users on their performance real time.

vision AI for fitness technique tracking

  • Feedback varies based on calculations across velocity of specific body parts, range of motion, time under tension and angles between joints.
  • Recognizes movements of 32 primary human body joints using the smartphone or laptop camera.
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keep things private

All you need is access to your phone's camera. But do not worry, no one will see you during the classes.

  • Safe and secure experience
  • No personal data is stored
  • Offline mode

Video Guided Exercise Program

Over 300+ animated workout videos across different type of exercises such as Strength training, yoga, crossfit, HIIT.



Track your members’ exercise performance and history to measure progress and analyze their abilities and map their progress. Our adaptive platform can be based on your members’ actual performance. Serve your member the right exercise that matches their level.

Group 48 89 Wow Alex, you are at the 1st place based on your location Israel and your age group ( 25-35 )

05 Easy Integration

Seamless API/SDK Integration

Higher Customer Retention

New data insights for each user

Accurate Form Analysis

Tensor flow integration



Ios version 13 & above

Android os version 10 or above

Web browser

Chrome mozilla opera & safari

Camera min 6mp